Saturday, November 12, 2011

Herbal First-Aid

Many people ask me for my herbal healing recipes, and I am happy to share them. However, let me say that I am self-taught and still learning. I am by no means yet a certified expert on herbal remedies. My herbal recipes, while effective are not to be used as a replacement for medical advice. Here are a few basic remedies that can be used to treat common ailments or injuries.

Insect Bite Oil

1tsp lavender essential oil
1tbsp carrier oil
combine essential oil and carrier oil and dab mixture directly on bite as needed. Store in bottle with a tight lid. a glass container is best. keep away from your eyes

Bite and Sting Poultice
1tbsp echinacea root tincture
1tbsp distilled water
1/8tsp lavender essential oil
1 tbsp bentonite clay
Combine the tincture, water, and lavender essential oil. Add this mixture to the clay, stirring slowly as the liquid is absorbed. The resulting paste should be tacky enough to adhere to the skin. Apply directly to bite as needed. Store this remedy in a container with a tight fitting lid so the mixture will not dry out

Ant Bite(also can be used for nettle stings)
1tsp baking soda
1/2tsp yellow dock leaf tincture
Stir the baking soda and tincture together into a thick paste. apply directly to bite. if remedy dries out, simply add enough yellow dock tincture to turn it back into a paste.

Insect Repellent
2oz vegetable oil or vodka
1/4tsp each citronella and eucalyptus essential oil
1/8tsp each pennyroyal, cedar, and rose geranium essential oil
combine ingredients and apply mixture directly to all exposed skin. keep away from eyes

Herbal Compress To Stop Bleeding
1tsp tincture of yarrow
1/2 cup water
soft cloth
combine ingredients. soak the cloth in the liquid, wring it out and apply it with pressure over the wound.

Bruise Compress
1tbsp tincture of arnica flowers, St. John's wort flowering tops, witch hazel bark, or chamomile flowers.
4 drops lavender essential oils
2 tbsp cold water
combine ingredients. soak a wash cloth in herbal water to make a compress. Wring it out and place it directly on the bruised area. To keep the compress extra-cold, insert an ice cube.

Herbal Ice
1c water
1tsp chamomile flowers
1tsp lavender flowers
pour boiling water over the herbs ad let steep in a covered pan for about 15 minutes. Strain out the herbs and freeze the tea in medium size ice cube trays. Once the cubes are frozen, pop them out and store them in a plastic bag. herbal ice can be applied directly to the bruise or wrapped inside the bruise compress.

Homemade Aloe Gel for Burns
1/4c peeled aloe vera leaves
150 iu vitamin c powder
puree aloe leaves in an electric blender using enough leaves to make 1/4c puree. Stir in vitamin c powder as a preservative. Store in the fridge

Aloe Burn Spray
4oz aloe vera juice(not gel, which will clog the sprayer)
1/2tsp vitamin E oil(or 2 400iu capsules)
1/8tsp lavender essential oil
combine ingredients. pour into a spritzer bottle. Shake well. Spray on burn as needed.

Herbal Bath for Burns
1 quart boiling water.
14 cup each comfrey leaves, plantain leaves and calendula flowers
3drops lavender essential oil
1c colloidal oatmeal(a finely milled oatmeal available in most drugstores) or regular oatmeal milled in a coffee grinder
pour boiling water over herbs. steep for 20 minutes. Strain. pour the tea into a cool bath. Stir in lavender essential oil and colloidal oatmeal.

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