Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend in review

Regular boring weekend here at the Bockhorn house.
Friday we had our weekly pizza and family movie night. It was Jack's turn to choose so we watched Star Wars, of course.  Episode 6 to be precise.  Lynsey and Jack initiated a discussion about how the American government is similar to the Galactic Empire, pointing out that both rule through threats and force. Got to love my little up and coming Libertarians. 
Emmalyn had received a Melissa and Doug wooden play piano from my mom for Christmas, but I had just kept it in the garage until she grew old enough to play with it. Mostly because I think those things sound annoying, and I didn't want to hear the big kids pounding on it all day. Well, Emmalyn sits up unassisted now so I thought she would enjoy playing with the piano so I brought it into the school room. Sure enough in less than five seconds I hear the big kids run over and then "plink plink plank plunk".
All weekend long has been "plunk plink" concerts.  I think the big kids enjoy baby toys more than the baby:-)
  Saturday Jeff had to work 2pm-midnight so I took advantage and had a kid-free grocery shopping excursion.  Honestly,  shopping is easier when I have Lyn and Jack around to help me.
We have had lots of stormy weather lately so we took advantage of the brief sunshine and played outside.
   Jeff was off Sunday so we got to attend worship together as a family.  After lots of searching,  I think we have finally found our home church. It has the expository preaching that Jeff desires along with the family integrated service that is important to me. 
After we got home and had lunch,  Jeff mowed the lawn while I took a nap with the baby.  Jeff grilled us a yummy supper, and we enjoyed spending the rest of the evening together.
On another note,  I decided that I needed to make a commitment and get back on track with my diet and exercise.  I have not been doing well on eating choices since I've had the baby.  I finally got my "I care" back so I'm going to do Whole 30 and go back to a Paleo lifestyle as well as making sure I work out regularly.  Ashamedly, I sent Jeff to Sonic for some ice cream as my last hoorah. I'm not very proud of that-it is kind of like an addict going on a drug binge the weekend before leaving for rehab.
So that was our weekend. Tomorrow I get to sign the kids up for the fall homeschool co-op classes. We decided that just attending one class period would work best for our family this year. Lynsey decided she wants to take Life Drawing & Art History, while Jackson is going to take Math Games. I'm hoping we will get plugged in and become friends with some other homeschool families.  I'm really looking forward to it.

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