Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super-human Strength

I don't know if anyone else has a husband who is guilty of this, but Jeff does it often and it drives me insane. When he gets the kids water or juice, he will screw the lids onto the cups so tight that they are IMPOSSIBLE to get off. I must also mention that our children are 4 and 6, know the consequences of opening a cup full of a beverage, and are not a spill threat to themselves or others.  Anyway, of course when I go to wash the dishes, I have a numerous number of cups on the counter that will remain super-humanly sealed shut until he returns home from work. The thing that amuses me most about this is that there has been more than one occasion where Jeff has screwed a lid on so tightly, HE was unable to get it back off. I just find it ironic that he will permanently seal up a child's cup like it will be attacked by a random meteor shower or earthquake, yet just place a lid back on the milk or juice jug without securing it. Hmmmm...

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